Amazon Ring’s police partnerships ‘troubled’ security industry group

A video surveillance industry group calls Ring.An industry group focused on surveillance said the hundreds of police associations with Ring were problematic because they lacked transparency. The Monitoring Association, a professional group of competitors from the Amazon subsidiary, expressed concern that the police are helping to promote Ring products without informing consumers.

The United States police discovered that Ring Video Bells is a useful tool for obtaining images and creating improvised surveillance networks in residential neighborhoods. Ring has partnered with at least 231 US police departments. UU., According to a map created by Shreyas Gandlur. Despite multiple requests, the company did not disclose the total number of police services with which it worked in partnership.

Unlike other video campaigns and surveillance products, police often end up promoting the sale of rings through partnerships with the company. Police often receive free cameras to give away to residents and encourage them to buy Ring products, including the accompanying Neighbors application.

The close relationship between Ring and hundreds of police services became a concern for The Monitoring Association, which called for more transparency regarding the arrangements. Membership in TMA includes Ring competitors, including alarm and security companies. The ring is not represented on the council of the association.

“We are disturbed by recent reports that the agreements could lead to promotions of specific products without alerting consumers about these business relationships,” TMA President Ivan Spector said in a statement released Wednesday. “This lack of transparency goes against our standards as an industry, decreases public confidence and benefits these officials.” Spector is also president of Sentinel Alarm.

Ring says its products help make neighborhoods safer and that police don’t need to promote Ring devices. He also said he warned users of associations through alerts in the Neighbors application.

“When new law enforcement agencies join us, we inform users through integrated alerts through a regional announcement,” said a spokesman for Ring. “In addition, Ring does not support programs that require users to give law enforcement authorities access to their cameras or videos to receive a Ring device.”

The concerns of the industry group echo the complaints of privacy advocates. Fight for the Future, a technology-driven nonprofit, launched a campaign in July calling on cities to ban police associations with Ring.

Originally published on August 8, 1027, Pacific time.Update, 14:08: Add a comment to Ring.

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