Google Maps lets you pull up flight and hotel reservations on the go

Google wants its Maps application to be more than just instructions. On Thursday, the search giant announced a handful of new features to help people plan their trip or trip.

A new feature allows people to make travel reservations, such as flights and hotels, so they don’t have to leave the application when they head to a new destination. The tool works if it is disconnected. Therefore, it is available for travelers to remote areas. Another update allows users to export a list of restaurants and other places visited with their friends.

The changes occur after Google stopped its travel management application, Trips, earlier this week, but announced that it would integrate its functions into its other products.

The new features are part of an effort to make Maps a more useful information center. In June, for example, the company launched new tools to help people in times of crisis or natural disasters, for example, showing the epicenter of an earthquake or facilitating navigation in a crisis area. Google Maps has also expanded its discovery tools. Earlier this year, the company said the cards would highlight the most popular menu items and allow people to order dishes directly from the application.

The features announced on Thursday also highlight everything Google knows about its users. You can correct all your travel reservations in the application because you know your projects from Gmail receipts and web history. The list of your favorite restaurants is generated if you have activated the history of your positions.

The Location History tool has been criticized in the past. Last year, the Associated Press announced that Google closely followed people’s locations even after disabling location sharing on their phones.

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