Live TV channels compared

Deciding to cut cable from cable television does not mean that you should give up live television. One way to watch live broadcasts without cable is to connect an antenna. It is cheap (read: free) and effective, provided you are ready to live with the handful of local channels available in your area. And assuming you receive a good welcome.

If that is not enough and you are ready to pay a monthly payment, you should take a look at a live streaming service. They offer many channels known as ESPN, CNN, Fox News and TNT, as well as features such as digital recorders and the ability to watch not only television, but also phones, tablets and computers.

Hulu now offers eight main services: Live TV, YouTube, Google, Dish Network Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue, AT&T DirecTV Now and Watch TV, Philo and Fubo TV. They cost $ 15 a month or more. Our complete guide contains all the details, but in reality everything is about channels.

YouTube TV Review: the best premium TV streaming serviceSling TV review: the best live budget TV streaming serviceSave on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO and Spotify with these wired credit cardsPBS goes to YouTube TV later this yearAT&T changes the name of DirecTV on AT&T TV. Now he still plans to launch AT&T TV.The Big Picture: Top 100 Channels Compared (Updated on August 9, 2019)The main difference between each service is in their channel lists. All offer different types of channels at different prices.

Most do not have as many channels as traditional cable or satellite television packages. On the other hand, they may have enough for you, especially if you save a lot of money each month by not paying the cable company for the channels you don’t see.

Below you will find a table that shows the 100 main channels among the eight services. In fact, there are nine, because Sling TV has two different basic levels, orange and blue. And if you wonder, I chose the “main” channels that made a difference.Yes = The channel is available at the lowest price level. This price is indicated next to the name of the service.No = The channel is not available at all in this service.$ = The channel is available for an additional charge, on demand or as part of a package or a more expensive offer.

Regional sports networks (regular season games of some professional baseball, basketball and / or hockey teams) are not listed. This is a numerical disadvantage for services such as YouTube TV and Fubo, which have a lot of RSN, and an advantage for Philo and AT&T, which do not offer any sports channel, point to the line.ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, MyNetworkTV and CW are not available in all cities and the availability of these local channels varies considerably from one service to another (note that CBS is the parent company of CNET). In some cities, some services offer only video on demand from networks, not the local live channel.PBS is not yet available on any service, but it is definitely a leading channel, giving a line. However, later this year, YouTube TV will be the first service to add local PBS stations.The columns in the chart are sorted by price. If you can’t see everything you want, try scrolling to the right.

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