You can buy a prefab solar-powered tiny house for $24,000

You can buy a prefab solar-powered tiny house for $24,000

Incoming buzzwords! Prefabricated flat pack. Module. Solar energy container house. This is the description of the small $ 23,800 Weizhengheng house that you can buy through Amazon in the United States.

The house comes from the Chinese group Wzhgroup, specialized in the construction of flat containers and containers. The structure is not eligible for Amazon Prime and you will have to pay an additional USD 1,000 for shipping. The Amazon Lot seller LUO Marketplace appears as “newly launched” and has no comments yet.What distinguishes the small Weizhengheng house from the other mini-houses available on Amazon is the promise of solar and wind energy systems, a bathroom, a kitchen and a remote control that controls the enlargement or folding of the house’s hydraulic system.

Before getting too excited and starting to eliminate the purchase button, the seller asks potential buyers to contact the size and shipping details before placing the order. The Wzhgroup website states that hydraulic and solar systems are optional, so the final price may vary.

Consider also the fate of an earlier Amazon viral house. The Allwood Solvalla Studio cabin kit, valued at $ 7,350, captured the imagination in May and was temporarily sold out on the commercial site.

There are only a few comments about Solvalla, but they are not pleasant. “A glorified kennel,” we read. This review complained about the lack of kitchen, bathroom, insulation and electrical wiring. This is where the Weizhengheng container house, much more expensive, hopes to win.

Small thingsScientists build a small house to display nanoroboticThe small Palm phone could find a place with childrenNo opinions about Weizhengheng. It is not exactly an impulse purchase that you can ignore if it does not work, so all the usual warnings about buyers should be taken into account.

The design looks promising, but nothing is simple. A small house still needs a base and must meet the code compliance requirements of your area. Weizhengheng suggests renting a crane to install it. And you will always have to consider installation costs, which may include an electrical connection, a connection to the water supply and a sewer line.

The pretty little house you bought on Amazon could end up with a price not so small. CNET seeks to comment on the Wzhgroup group.

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